VW Carthago POPTOP
(RARE German Import)

This is a 1990 VW Westfalia POPTOP LHD, with a FULL UK MoT. Its a 4 berth camper with lots of storage space. There are seat belts in the rear, and a front bench seat. The rear bench seat folds down into a sleeping area for two adults. The upper bed is large enough for two adults also.

Only two previous keepers!
The interior has Carthago(similar to Westfalia) fittings, including fridge, water tanks and tap, gas and electricity. All in working good order.(fridge electrics need sorting)
The mileage is 130k.  After hearing the engine and seeing the overall condition of the vehicle you'll believe that its all original. The Engine is a 1.6l TURBO DIESEL running in excellent condition. It starts, summer or winter, as soon as you turn the key. My camper has an manual gearbox.
German Campers Are Quality! You don't find many of these around because the Germans hang on to them. Get yourself a rare camper, bid for mine. As this camper is totally reliable and to my knowledge has no mechanical faults I would be happy to deliver anywhere in the UK. I would however need to be reimbursed for my diesel, time and travel costs!
The condition of my camper is:
  •  mechanically very very good,
  •  reliable, TOTALLY,
  •  bodywork EXCELLENT, no dents, no structural rust and no rot.
  • paintwork excellent!
  • interior is in excellent condition and in good working order. There are NO leaks at all anywhere. No cracks on the windscreen.

Technical Details
Engine Size 1600 cc Turbo Diesel
Fuel Diesel
Fuel consumption 35m/g (8l/100km)
Mileage (km) 130k
Year of Registration 199
Colour Original Red
MOT Expiration Date JULY 2007
Steering Left-Hand Drive
Mechanical Condition
The engine is a strong Turbo Diesel. Can travel upto 70m/h. gearbox in great working order. Brakes without any problems whatsoever. Tyres are all 100%.

This vw is still German registered but can be UK register by simply going along to the DVLA. I can do it for you if you wish at a small cost.



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